Thursday, March 31, 2011

Setting Up Withholding From Checks

Stanley from California writes:
Without going to the SS office in Palm Springs, where do I find the forms to have withholding tax withheld from my monthly checks. I had it done in 2009 then canceled the WH in 2010 because I wasn't working, but guess what, this 80 yr old Pharmacist has been invited back to be PIC (Pharmacist in Charge) of a concierge infusion pharmacy catering to the uninsured elders with means to pay for this service. Your help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Well Stanley congratulations are in order on your new position! Now I wonder what a concierge infusion pharmacy is? But getting back to your question, if you choose to have SSA withhold taxes from your benefits, you must file IRS form W-4v with the Social Security Administration. You can simply mail it to your local SSA office. Here is a link to the IRS for a down-loadable and fill-able form with instructions:

If you have not been to the locall SSA office lately and want to check for its current location, here is a link to the online SSA office locator:

Note that monthly withholding is not required, you can pay directly to IRS with quarterly estimated payments if you are familiar with that process. But I suppose you would prefer the convenience of withholding now that you are going to a very busy man. Again, congratulations.

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