Sunday, March 9, 2008

Withdrawal of Application- Pay Back Money

I just found out about "withdrawal of application". I can envision taking retirement benefits for a couple of years -- deciding it was a mistake and wanting to opt out of the system -- but being unable it immediately pay back what I got. Do you think S.S. will allow a retiree to withdraw but wait for them to pay back what they already got later -- their future reapplication conditional on paying back first, or having that amount deducted from benefits until it is paid? I can see the unwanted complications of requiring full delayed payment before taking reapplication -- some people would end up without benefits.
Drew from Chicago

SSA requires that all benefits be paid back immediately if a beneficiary withdraws an application. They will not allow installments. The best they will do is allow an offset against benefits payable on a new application, but only if the repayment can be recovered from any retroactive benefits and the first monthly check.

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