Friday, March 7, 2008

Wife's Government Pension Offset

I have been trying to find out what benefit, if any, I would be entitled to since I worked for the Federal Government and did not have SS taken out. I only have 27 credits and I do not plan on returning to work. My husband will be 62 in August and I will be 61 March 14th of this year. He is going to apply for Social Security prior to his 62nd birthday so I need to know this information. May I file for insurance when I turn 62, on my husband's claim? We have been married 42 years, to each other. That in itself is a achievement....
Thank You,
Nanette from Penn.

42 years of matrimony certainly is a wonderful achievment! Congratulations!

You may collect on your husband's account as his wife, but if you receive a pension from your non-covered government service, then 2/3 of your pension amount will be deducted from your SS wife's benefit. This is called the GPO-- government pension offset. But if your 27 credits, by which I assume you mean quarters of coverage, was in federal employment, and you worked at the last 60 months in covered government service, you may be exempt from the GPO. See the link for the SS rule on this "Last 60 Month Exemption." Use your browser back button to return to this blog.

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