Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remarriage by Widow/Surviving Divorced Wife No Problem (After age 60)

Diane from Utah asks about whether her social security benefits she receives on her ex-husband’s account as a surviving divorced wife will be reduced if she remarries. 

She explains her situation this way “I began receiving social security survivor benefits from my first husband in April of 2013 following my 60th birthday. My first husband died in the year 2000 and I was married to him for 20 years. I had previously divorced him in 1997.

"My current significant other has an insurance plan through his employer and I have a concern as to whether marriage to him would decrease any social security benefits that I am receiving now.

"He is not receiving any social security benefits at the present time as he is only 45 years old. I would greatly appreciate your input regarding this matter.”

Well Diane I am hearing wedding bells! I am happy to advise you that you can go ahead and make your young beau an honest man without worry.  Your remarriage will have absolutely no effect on your benefits because you have passed your 60th birthday.  Remarriage after that milestone is disregarded by Social Security both for widow’s benefits and, as in your case, surviving divorced wife’s benefits. 
And by the way, you had good timing here, because if you had remarried before you turned 60, you would not have been eligible when you applied earlier this year

N.B for disabled widows and disabled surviving divorced wives: for you age 50 is the free- remarriage milestone and you can apply for benefits as well at age 50.

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